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Changzhou Wujin Kaili Electronic Factory ( Kaili Electronic Limited ) was  founded in January in 2000 year . Located on Changzhou city , Jiangsu Province .  Near the Shanghai 。
We are small scale factories . We only have about 30 worker .The factories about 800 square meter .
We production all kinds of Piezo buzzers , Magnetic buzzers, Piezo transducer , Magnetic Transducer SMD piezo buzzer, SMD Magnetic  buzzer .The buzzers and Transducer applied to telephones , Home appliance, Passenger Cars , safety equipment etc for alarm

We are OEM factory .  Now our product major export to the USA and Europe Market .

All products are of CE mark , RoHS approvals. Our R&D department continually designs new products for our existing customers and new clients. Welcome OEM !



Contact: Lina Chao

Phone: 8651986462433

Tel: 8651986462433

Email: lina@micro-buzzer.com

Add: Qianling Road, Zhaiqiao Town ,Changzhou, Jiangsu 213167

Piezo Buzzer,Magnetic buzzer ,Micro Buzzer,SMD Buzzer,Audio Indicator,Audio Transducer ,Mechanical Buzzer-Manufacturer in China